7 01 2011

Have char kway teow and a cup of bubble tea to celebrate my hungry stomach, while wishing someone will call up before 12am to hangout. But i am totally dissapointed. So after all, i did really celebrated my 21st hour in front on the computer playing and spying on other people while my page being spam with birthday wishes after back from makan..

I just got my car back from the workshop around 7.20pm. Upon closed inspection i found there still another dent havent been fix and i am not satisfied with the paint job. The new door panel is too solid and heavy it dont sound like myvi anymore, I think is a Toyota passo set. Sifu jackie ask me to come back another time to get it fix when i am free, but firstly i have to time to do it right!. And i seem to looked like cant live without my car. Without car, i cant just do my JOB la dik!!. 

Did i mention i hate malaysia transpot, especially those taxi belongs to indian? look i am not trying to be racist. i just saying it from my point of view. Well just before i go get my car at the workshop. I went to hunt for taxi service around tesco-puchong-bus-stop, upon reaching there are already a row of waiting taxi ready to be hire. So i walked toward to one of the group that is taking a break and ask politely that i need to go from here to taman sri manja which is near taman maju jaya, then suddenly one of them shouted dua puluh lima (25) for a short travel distance toward there I mean like what the hell, 25 riggint just 15min ride!!! whatthehell man. Damn this uncivilized bastard, they dont use the meter takpe la, as long you give a fair price towad the costomer i dont mind taking it. Dah la taknak, lagi they want to negotiate the price with passenger. What shit is this?!?! Goverment have give you people some good money to earn from the best fix rate in town, but why still there are people like them doing business around Klang valley. Who the hell approve their taxi operation license and What the hell is JPJ doing about this. Damn man.. so i have to travel using buses toward sunway to get taxi from there in the end. ish..

Beside that, i dont feel my car is my car anymore. Why? well first of all it dont sound like Myvi when the door close. It just sound way too different from the last i heard. And i think my car is just too heavy after it come back from the workshop. It dont smell like my car smell at all, the smell is replace by the newly painted coat smell. i mean paint smell. And of course, i dont feel safe inside there, because of the last accident i meet. Though i try to convice myself and so does my car speak for itself.

” hey buddies, dont worry about the small problem, is just a minor damage and i still good, i still can run along with you.. When i firstly meet you, i thought you were just another jerk, then i realise i am wrong about you, you really did took care of me. Remember we use to run together and i did believe in you when u ride me toward the top speed. I have place my entire trust in you. But now i need you to believe me again and trust me that i will take good care of you..”

i tested the car, and well it still does run smoothly, but not what i expected.. maybe some tuning and runs will brings back his stamina. Dont get me wrong, Car and me are close friend. We talk to each other, and trust in each other. I believe they are alive and have soul. They are not a tool, they are just like a wild horse waiting for the right rider to tame them.

Well this is all for today, night world


6 01 2011

I have been quite a Good fella for the last 2 days. Nothing to do while i am waiting for the car return from the workshop before i can hit the road again.

Use the public transport after such a long time it still suck and worst the ever before. Been working for half day dislike office where u have to behave. Have a decent meal lose weight arr, fat d. Try workout but couldnt find the spot semua tempat basah  and my sport gear are out. Ermm, looking forward for Iphone 4 i deserve it kays. IT HAS BEEN A QUIET WEEK I WOULD SAYS.

Didnt know why just feel lonely this few days. Been quite a emo guys sitting alone at the porch watching the rain falls when i return from work though i need a nap. Have this feeling and heartbeat yearning to look for a girl that will be my wonder of my world. Hope she doesnt mind if i’m rich or poor and doesnt matter if the road get rough along the way.

Since i have spend most of my holidays working part-time and travel around M’sia because my job request so. I do really deserve another break to chill out and relax.

whatamicrapping i sound retarted..

night world.

5 01 2011

As the day coming closer and nearer to my first 21 i begin to think and asking myself “am i really ready to face the world?” “can i complete the quest and thing i have set in for the next coming 4 year time?” or from time to times i ask myself what i see myself AS this year ahead..

As what i have assume, this year is gonna be tough for me, as I’m running late for my car payment, running late room payment. Just today, my car got rammed by some pathetic idiot driver. Lucky i didnt not have to bear the cost to repair the damage which can easily reach 4 figure in total.

Beside that my financial barely allow me to buy my meal while the money i earn when into spending for the stuff i doesnt need. See, dont get me wrong i did work hard but not smart enough to save.. Saving was a big deal for me. I do like to spend spend and spend. I was never wise to save nor to do self investment in insurance.

Well i know there are just to many commitment and stuff i need to shake of my back. And i need to settle down and learn in silencewiseway. Well i do really hope and wish that thing will be better ahead of me..

Added to my 2011 resolution is save, save money


1 01 2011

Morning world. I am back, back from all the up and down miserable life in 2010.

let just say, i stop blogging because 2010 in a sucking year

nor there are things i dont feel like posting.

Dont look back what happen last year

look  is new year, new breathe, new day. New everything, as what Chinese aunty uncle would say.

Lots has been going on during 2010. But i have press on over and over again looking forward to 2011. Thanks a lot for the people whom have share interest in my life and never back down attitude that help me through the year in 2010.  Through the 2010 journey there couple of time i felt like suicide by just giving up like that, then i realise i have lot of thing in life i have not done or accomplish. Beside that, because of my Pride and Egoness i continue to press on to achieve thing that people has look down on me.

I am just glad and greatful of what i am today. I have embrace and endure the pain the hardship. And i believe i can do it once more. If thing doesnt go the way i want it to be.

Let just say this year is more challenging tome  as i need to

-Socialize with the people around me.

-Learn to let go and forgive others.

-Need to learn to save money.

-Get thinner and muscular. (Gonna lose 15kg in 2month time)

so wish me luck in 2011 and continue to support me..